“The Views of the Press”: Mediterranean Spirit in German Packaging – the path to “Adventure Architecture”

Did you know that throughout your life you will wear three skins? First there is your own, then your fashionable and ever-changing outfit but most permanently your custom made home, your third skin.

A think tank, from finding your individual location via personality based planning both on the inside and the outside through to the development of special furniture designs, that is how the interior designer Gernot Hackl sees his message. Together with architects and solicitors he offers a ready made package which contains everything from specific consultation right up to the moving in day. From the ground-breaking ceremony through to picking your comfort cushion, he is always looking for a new way to enable tasteful and functional individualism. His challenge is the imaginative combination of historical elements coupled with contemporary - and on the odd occasion progressive - design. “As the furniture market has all but passed the saturation point the mission is to create personalised design elements suitable for families and which are worth living in, an original for everyone who isn’t satisfied with simply ‘riding the fashion wave’”. Following the motto “where the market has been exhausted, creative unique designs begin to appear” this interior designer doesn’t only design the outside but also the space within, the ‘soul of the house’.

His slogan and programme is the design of adventure architecture both inside and outside. His team produces such architecture on hand-drawn blueprints and to technical perfection on their computers. Leafing through his project folders you soon get an idea of what this is about. Amongst the Japanese golf clubs, restaurants and discos, hotel projects, doctors’ surgeries, boutiques and bespoke villas and country houses - in Germany and Mallorca - the observer soon notices a distinctive handwriting which varies depending on the remit, object and personality and is realised with flying colours.

“The Devil is in the detail” says this creative mind which is by no means any less qualified. “And those have to be right, from the building shell and the technology through to the feel-good experience.”

(Excerpt from an interview with MALLORCA IMMOBILIEN)